Martin Bashir: Florida Satanists All Hail Rick Scott…Oh, and Satan Too. Video

Martin Bashir: Gov Rick Scott is champion of Satanic prayer in schools and lauded by Satanists, a loyal voting block!  video

If family values hypocrite and all around unlikable nutter Rick Scott is still stinging from his unpopularity with some, such as (then) presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, he can take comfort in his newest group of enthusiastic supporters. Scott will always have The Satanist vote! Scott’s new-found friends of Satan/Scott are throwing him a rally at the Satanic Temple of Florida next week.  The unwitting Governor granted Satan’s followers freedom of prayer in public schools. Thanks Gov. Scott!  We would never have suspected that  you were so open minded.

  • rackjite

    Oh No! DB caught me being obtuse!

    • db


      Please don’t feel badly. I often confuse Fox News for The Onion.

  • I know! It’s too much to buy that ANYONE would support Rick Scott, right? ; )

  • Adriana I. Pena

    Will you please stop quoting THE ONION as if it was a serious news organization?

    • rackjite

      Like FOX NEWS…

    • db

      This wasn’t from the Onion, though I certainly could see your confusion. This is an out growth of the religion in schools argument. Poor Lord Voldomot. Blundered again.