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Melania wears a I REALLY DON’T CARE jacket to the border

This is one of four things. Melania doesn’t care about kids ripped from mothers at the border. Melania doesn’t care about anything. Melania doesn’t care about what you think of her jacket. Melania is dumber than we thought for wearing the damn thing with enormous words to represent the White House at the border..

Fox News trumpeting Trump says it’s a blast at The Media. What crap, if it were it would refer to it.

Is it stupidity that got past the White House and all her aids?  Hard to believe. But then again, she is the shiniest knife in the drawer no t the sharpest.

Is it a statement about the jacket itself? Doubtful she would time that during the biggest human rights story of the year.

That leaves us with either she doesn’t give a shit about anything or the kids at the border. Take your pick.

One last thing. Too many people on the Left keep looking to Ivanka and Melania for some help with The Donald. There is nothing from either one of these billionairesses to suggest even the slightest movement in that direction.

CNN Panel Tries to Decipher Melania Trump’s Wardrobe Disaster: ‘Maybe It’s a Moment of True Candor From Her -article


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