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NRA as ugly as it gets, steve benson cartoon

the ugly NRA

As the NRA says the 2nd Amendment is not about crime or hunting, it is about killing our police and our troops who do not tow the NRA political ideology.  Every time one of these mass shootings occurs –  two this month – Americans go out and buy more assault rifles, more 100 round clips and lots and lots more ammo.  There are now so many handguns, extended clips and assault rifles in the mix that there is little the law can do, well other than go door to door and take their guns away. That really isn’t such a bad idea, after all, all our police and troops have to do is aim under their beds where they are hidding in their crap filled pants after they hear the knock on the door. Remember, about 99% of shooters shoot the unarmed.

So with that not happening, and 54% of Americans saying our gun laws are too strict. we need another approach.

This cartoon by Steve Benson is a start. But we need it from our leadership, in our schools, in our legislatures and city counsels.  Much like Nancy Reagan, a campaign to Just Say No to Guns. Guns are for morons. Do not let your children enter homes where you know guns are present. People with assault rifles are dickheads. Guns are for Dummies. On TV every 8 minutes of everyday. And every 4  minutes after midnight. We also need a nationwide set of Rehab centers to break the addiction.

I think I got it right 20 years ago when I said:

The people who really really want a gun are the very ones who really really should not be allowed to have one.