NRA as ugly as it gets, steve benson cartoon

the ugly NRA

As the NRA says the 2nd Amendment is not about crime or hunting, it is about killing our police and our troops who do not tow the NRA political ideology.  Every time one of these mass shootings occurs –  two this month – Americans go out and buy more assault rifles, more 100 round clips and lots and lots more ammo.  There are now so many handguns, extended clips and assault rifles in the mix that there is little the law can do, well other than go door to door and take their guns away. That really isn’t such a bad idea, after all, all our police and troops have to do is aim under their beds where they are hidding in their crap filled pants after they hear the knock on the door. Remember, about 99% of shooters shoot the unarmed.

So with that not happening, and 54% of Americans saying our gun laws are too strict. we need another approach.

This cartoon by Steve Benson is a start. But we need it from our leadership, in our schools, in our legislatures and city counsels.  Much like Nancy Reagan, a campaign to Just Say No to Guns. Guns are for morons. Do not let your children enter homes where you know guns are present. People with assault rifles are pricks. Guns are for Dummies. On TV every 8 minutes of everyday. And every 4  minutes after midnight. We also need a nationwide set of Rehab centers to break the addiction.

I think I got it right 20 years ago when I said:

The people who really really want a gun are the very ones who really really should not be allowed to have one.

  • Jarrod E. Sammis

    “There are now so many handguns, extended clips and assault rifles in the mix that there is little the law can do, well other than go door to door and take their guns away. That really isn’t such a bad idea, after all, all our police and troops have to do is aim under their beds where they are hidding in their crap filled pants after they hear the knock on the door. Remember, about 99% of shooters shoot the unarmed.”

    If you desire war, then so be it.

  • dbtheonly

    But Luke & Leia are resisting (Nazi) tyranny. I’m not about to let the conservatives claim sole ownership.

    Read stuff by David Weber or the later stuff by Oraon Scott Card to read “real” conservative SF.

  • I don’t know. Sure seems to be lots of guns and explosions in the starwars stuff. Constantly. Thats how the settle things there.

  • dbtheonly

    Gee Lt.,

    I’m not sure that Star Wars is particularly conservative in leanings. I’ve read much more slanted stuff than Luke Skywalker.

    But right with you in that Trek is a Liberal’s dream future.

    Moe’s getting some up votes(?!) So not only did he find a column you wrote a year and a half ago. But two others found the writings, read Moe’s stuff, & Iiked it enough to give it an up vote. You and I are having a conversation on the issue & I get the notice when you respond to a comment I make. Two random up votes?

  • You got that right. Star Trek is liberal scfi while Star Wars is the conservative scfi..

  • dbtheonly

    Aside from Moe’s incisive commentary; do you think someone ought to explain that symbol he’s chosen as his picture?

  • Retard! Have you no respect for the leading gun moll for the NRA, Sarah Palin? Retard? Yer in deep doo doo now… look to the skies, I hear she likes shooting from helicopters and small planes.

  • Moe Ives

    The author of this article is a retard.

  • You’ve got me db. A party line – or a modern equivalent? ; )

  • rackjite

    No Congressman Dana Rohrabacher is the Right-wing loon from Southern California. Before the Tea Party he was about as bad as it gets. He claims to have been a BONGED OUT surfer. He was best pals with The Top Rightwing loon in congress for 20 years, B1 Bob Dornan.
    The Chinese are coming! The Chinese are Coming! ITs time for THE movie…

  • db

    Sr. Groso,

    Fine, Obviously I don’t listen to any of the venues that broadcast Liddy & I thought Rohrbacher was a waterfall in Germany or Switzerland or somewhere.

  • Muy Groso

    Liddy is syndicated in 160 markets and Sirus FM. He has a Congressional pal and fellow Chinese invasion wonk in nitwit California Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

  • db


    Gordon Liddy is still alive? I thought he’d died years ago.

    Still I’m in favor of an “eminent Chinese invasion”. A few Poets, an Author or three, at least half-a-dozen Musicians, & a gaggle of Gymnasts.

    Damn You AutoCorrect!

    Still, how does Liddy postulate this invasion occurring? This strikes me as wacky, even considering the source..

  • rackjite

    There is an infamous radio talk show host who has pushing this eminent Chinese invasion for a generation. He broadcasts out of California and is syndicated. Remember? Watergate breakin, felon, the lighter to the hand?
    G. Gordon Liddy

  • rackjite

    GUN ENTHUSIASTS! I am a gun owner.
    You know like the Klan lists life in the order of GOD RACE COUNTRY. NRA gun enthusiasts put GUNS first on their list.

    You will find weapons of death and killing are their prime directive in life. It comes from that bad part of the brain. Keep in mind all the shooters are also gun enthusiasts. As are terrorists, urban gangs, criminals and most all locked up in high security prisons. Its a nice crowd… Oh, and SATAN!

  • db

    Ms. ‘Cat,

    A question please.

    The story is published in August, almost five months ago.
    “Adam” posts at 8:36 Mountain Time
    “Dick” responds Saturday at quarter of nine (Mountain Time)
    “kennie” jumps in Sunday at 4:00 am. (6 Eastern 3 Pacific, talk about having no life)

    The Lt. & Sr. Groso get into the act after 4 on Sunday.

    But only the Lt & Sr. Groso showed up in the “recent Comments” section!

    So my question is how did the clowns know to jump onto “Adam’s” comment?

  • OMG it’s the Chinese now! We just dodged the Mayan doomsday bullet. These level-headed gun owners who wish you anything but well Rack, still have stores of MRE’s and other delights from their ‘Glenn Beck Bug-Out Back Packs.’ I suppose it would be a shame not to have a reason to use them! ‘

  • db

    Sr. Groso,

    No disrespect to the Lt. & the US Army; but how are those teeming hoards of Chinese going to get to the good old USA faster than the 72 hours it takes to get the Army home. I strongly suggest that the (equally good old) USN will have something to say about it.

    I do not say they will not come. I only say they will not come by sea.

  • Muy Groso

    Hey Rack, you left the door to Hell ajar.
    Crap Adam, here I was just reading from gun enthusiast Kennie Boo Boo telling me it is Obama and his Marxist minions we need assault rifles to deal with, and just when I was getting my head around that I find no, it’s the Chinamen!

    Rack you are the Man, you tell us what brainless right-wing rubes these Gun Enthusiast are, and here they come three at a time to prove just how right you are.

  • Muy Groso

    So Dick… Is the LY at the end of your name obligatory or can we leave it off if we like?
    Is this your new job? Traveling around the internet to prove just what right-wing morons Gun Enthusiasts are?
    Do you work commission?

  • rackjite

    Gun Enthusiast taking the time out of his busy day to wish me dead.
    Why am I not surprised? Gosh…


    you relly should at least try and get thru the bill of rights and constinution and underswtand the reason for guns in the first place. They are to protect us from tyranny. If you don’t know what tyranny means let me advise you, it is what the people ran from when they designed the declaration of inde[pendence. Most crimes are not committed with ar47’s, just a few from the social misfits, who will still be available to harm others despite any laws that may come from newtown. the people are the center of this republic, not oversized overreaching gov’t. You will also see what youve done one day long after obama had his mansion and 10m a year from his speeches and books, when youre all wearing the same grey smocks and suffering under severe authoritarian rule, of which started with letting obama in. He’s transforming this country and its original intended constitutional template all for the elites of the world along with the backing of the new dumbed down electorate, of whom over half cant speak english or read. congrats.

  • Dick Headly

    you’re such a douche…I look forward to reading your obituary, stating how your home was invaded and you were too busy bashing people’s right to defend themselves to save your own worthless life.

  • Adam

    I wonder how dumb we’re going to be when we are covering your sorry asses when China tries a ground invasion and most of our standing army is engaged in foreign theaters. You DO realize it takes 72 hours to get our troops back to the homeland don’t you? And we do have some of the finest National Guardsmen around. But do you think that the weekend warriors and 2 weeks a year might have a little bit of a hard time getting to the armory or the base when they EMP knocks out all the cars during rush hour traffic and clogs the roads? Of course the military is equipped with insulation in their vehicles but 90% of the time civi’s don’t live within walking distance of base to respond to a “fall in”.

    That’s going to leave it mainly to the Joe Schmoes out there with the firepower to slow their roll long enough for the boys to catch up with the big stuff.

    And tell me if China is not planning an attack why THEY who don’t have a dog in the fight over here; would DEMAND that the US gov’t DISARM their citizens?! You think it’s out of a good heart and a look to peace? Hell no. It’s so that when they try their ground invasion they don’t have to worry about a farmer putting a round of hot lead up their colonels’ assess. lol

    And God forbid the UN ever try to take over the US’s sovereignty. That’s what they are there for too. Or to make sure there are no inclinations in the Muslim in Chief’s head to try to take OURS. Of course you guys would probably enjoy seeing that. And you think WE’RE violent.