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Sacha Baron Cohen pranks Kingman Arizona with a Mosque

“A visit to the home town of civil rights leader Timothy McVeigh…”  Begins his prank to build a mosque to a room full of Arizona bigots, admitted racists and Trump voters asking to build the biggest mosque in America in their failing town.

Just the pictures of the new mosque photoshopped into their town photo in the presentation should have been enough for anyone smarter than a amoeba to see the game.

A reminder of what the Founding Fathers thought the most important freedom to put as the first ten words of the first Amendment.  “Congress shall make no law establishing religion or the FREE EXERCISE THERE OF..”

No Showtime video of this so this short version is all there is and it may get axed any minute. But the unseen ending line to the presentation and the reaction was as good as the beginning.  “…and this will all be funded by the Clinton Foundation.”

Who Is America? – Episode 2 – The Town Hall

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