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Top Ten Lies State Media Tells North Koreans or Kim Jong Un Never Poops

Kim Jong Un’s state-run media is the vanity press of Donald Trump’s dreams. Dear Leader’s lies go unchallenged because there is no legitimate media allowed in, and if a troublemaker were to doubt Dear Leader’s veracity, their end would be swift and unenviable.

The top ten lies seen here are merely the top of the North Korean iceberg. A starving, badly used nation believes – for instance, that Kim Jong Un doesn’t use the porcelain throne for number two – ever, never has. Actually, that one isn’t so far-fetched, I can believe that he’s full of it. The claim that Little Kim is a much envied and copied fashion icon the world over – not so much.  There is some good news. If you ever doubted the existence of unicorns – put away your doubt!

Look for Trump to redouble efforts to spread Sinclair Broadcasting and eliminate all legitimate news sources. If he got nothing else from his visit with Kim, he can’t have missed how much control a leader-controlled press has in a hermit country.

Top 10 Lies North Koreans Are Told

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