SNL Really: Seth Meyers & Kevin Hart do Supreme Court Voting Rights Act

kevin hart voting rights actSeth Meyers and Kevin Hart remind us that this is not just about voting rights, but that Mississippi signed on to abolish slavery just two weeks ago. Kevin Hart is not only afraid to go out at night in Mississippi, but afraid to go out in Mississippi even when its a bit cloudy.

I hear some Republicans saying that section 5 of the voting rights act is unfair because look what Florida and Pennsylvania did just last year in suppressing the black vote. It's a simple matter of adding those regions to Section 5.  And why the entire state of Texas is not on the list I don't know. Remember, the central political issue in the fight at the Alamo was to extent slavery into Texas. To open it up to big cotton.

True story. I had to get a lawyer in Mississippi some time ago. I settled upon a silver haired very much liberal white guy who was recommended as the best in Biloxi. I got to know him and his two secretaries fairly well over the year or two it took to settle. I liked Bubba as he was nicknamed. He fought some good fights. After we had won the case I was back in his office and needed to phone home. His secretary told me to use the phone at Bubba's desk as he was out.  I had previously been on the other side of the desk not a few times and assumed that large photo frame I could only see the back of was of his wife or children. When I got around to the other side I was taken aback. It was a large personally TO BUBBA signed photo of David Duke. Even liberals in Mississippi are racists. Or what passes for liberals in Mississippi anyway.  Again, twenty years of drilling it in here, American politics are driven more by race and religion intolerance than any other factors. We are in denial to deny it.