SNL Celebrates 40 Years of Political Satire

Chris Matthews: SNL A 40 Year History of Brilliant Political Spoofs

Here are some of the greatest Saturday Night Live sketches spoofing America’s major political figures of the show’s 40th anniversary.

When we think of SNL and political parody, Tina Fey’s brilliant portrayal of half-term governor and full-time comedy muse Sarah Palin comes to mind. Likewise, Amy Poehler – as Hillary Clinton is the perfect foil for Fey’s spot-on portrayal of Sarah Palin. Tina is so good, that it’s difficult to tell ‘if it’s real or it’s Memorex” for those who remember those days.

“Those days” go back to the beginning of SNL’s political parodies…Can it really be forty years? In this short tantalizing clip, Dana Carvey is shown doing his amazing rendition of Herbert Walker Bush, along with John Lovitz as Michael Dukakis.  The late Phil Hartman portrays Bill Clinton, obliging the press in a poorly timed interview about world hunger,  given in a fast-food establishment.

Will Farrell takes us right back to ‘Dubya’  as George Walker Bush. Here Bush is lamenting his frosty – and scary relationship with  V.P. Dick Cheney, played by Darrell Hammond. Hammond does a very skillful job, but he isn’t as scary as he could be. Much as in the movie “Tropic Thunder” where  never going ‘full retard’ is discussed, no actor can go ‘full Cheney’ and come out of it a fully functioning human being.

SNL Twerking the Shutdown with John Boehner and Michele Bachmann

miley cyrus twerks shutdownThough twerking caused the end of the world, I am sure that twerking the shutdown with John Boehner and Michele Bachmann has given them both such high celebrity status that it makes them and all Republicans much more complacent about twerking.  After all, real sex is what Republicans have so much trouble with, how could they object to fake sex? I don’t know, it’s always hard to figure how Republican brains work. Oops, this is so gay. Maybe Republicans won’t like it. Wait, is that Marcus Bachmann dancing in the background?

Wait a minute now. FreedomWorks CEO, Matt Kibbe on BIll Maher last night did give us the bottom line as to the overall way the Republican brain works. Why should I have to pay anything for someone I don’t know.  There you have it. But  I have to ask, who do you think Republicans envision in their minds as SOMEONE THEY DON’T KNOW?

What is it that causes working class white people – who pay minimal taxes – to pull GOP straight tickets knowing full well the Republican Party is against their economic interests?  What is the driving force in that?  I suppose one could say it’s the guns. But then again, what do you think the guns are for?  Or an even better answer would be they are voting for Jesus. Who is in the NRA and wants to take what we spend on food and health insurance for the poor and transfer it to the Koch Brothers. The Koch Brothers need our help, and are beloved by Jesus. Remember the Sermon on the Mount. “Blessed are the rich for they shall own the Kingdom of God.”

SNL: Xanax for Gay Summer Weddings

snl xanax gayThis certainly will be the year for Gay Summer Weddings!  12 States, with the biggest, California soon to join. I am waiting for Texas to join in to give gay couples equal rights under the law.  Well maybe for my grand children or my Great Great Great Grandchildren.

Of course you know why this issue moved so well in the right direction, not only with the law but within the culture. There is no skin off anyone’s nose involved. Well except to the Taliban.  Unlike our biggest fight for civil rights in which  the law was fixed, the culture has  a long way to go.

So why is it that there is still so much cultural, social, economic and personal racism afoot in the land?  It is  because of the central political dynamic of America.  I DON’T WANT MY TAX MONEY GOING TO LAZY NEGROES. There you go. It is why we are the only people in the world without single payer health care. And I have recently realized what the word SOCIALISM that is no so bandied about by Republicans means benefits for black people. Which sadly enough, holds true from Oshkosh to Dallas and from Savannah to Seattle.

Having spent equal time in my life between Wisconsin and Texas, I have found the intensity of  those suffering racism is about the same everywhere, it’s just a matter of how many.

What it be is… White people will force themselves to accept African Americans in the next cubicle, serving them food, fishing off the docks, behind the government window and even living next door [well down the street anyway]. The problem arises when African Americans are in a position of telling white people what to do. And now with a African American President the political angst seems to have gone beyond any hope of repair.

The real scandal is that the Republican Party will burn this country down to destroy that NWORD in the White House.