Onion Week in Review, Dennis Rodman normalizes N. Korea, March 4 2014

Onion week in reviewDennis Rodman is the most normal thing to ever happen in North Korea considering. I say next step is to send Jenna Jameson.

To the controversial statement by Rodman “It’s amazing how we do the same thing here” to the accusation that Hugo Chavez puts thousands in prison. We have 2 million in prison – mostly black and brown minorities – far more in numbers as well as per capita numbers.

Killing people? Since Chavez took office he is responsible for no killings while we are responsible for at least half a million.  How much collateral damage has Chavez caused with drones?  NONE.  Killings at home? Venezuela has had no death penalty since 1888. In fact no country in South America has the death penalty. The violent crime rate has doubled under socialist Chavez. It has also doubled in neighboring Center Right Columbia. A wash.

So what is it that Hugo Chavez has actually done that is so intrinsically evil? He has expanded civil rights and human rights and did his best to give the poor a fair shake. He tossed out big American oil companies to take the profits for his country rather than our country. He lead all of South America to throw off the yoke of American imperialism in just one decade. But worst of all he made friends with a few nations who George W. Bush claimed were “evil” and then called George W. Bush the devil! OMG! Which is why THE MEDIA – including every political cartoon I have come across – has Hugo in Hell.

SNL Cold Open: Elton John sings Candle in the Wind to Hugo Chavez

 [Sorry for the quality of  the video but for some reason SNL has kept this video off site. And copyright may pull this one at any minute]

snl hugo chavez

Hugo Chavez made it to SNL! Rather than compare him to Satan, the Devil,  Mao and Stalin which was done last week in every political cartoon and political column in each he was mentioned – Left and Right – SNL only played him for an ignorant fool rather than worse than Hitler.

What is it about having to crucify, shoot, attempt to assassinate and demonize advocates for the poor?  Christ, Gandhi, MLK, RFK. And demonizing? That list goes on and on led by dirty words like JACKSON! SHARPTON!

What should we expect from Hugo Chavez when we backed a coup against him? Or his saddling up to other leaders who America is at verbal war with? What did Hugo Chavez actually do? Well up comes the basis of the demonization, SOCIALISM, mostly about dispensing oil profits down to the people. Which is not only what the socialist nation of  Norway does, by also Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

Did all Chavez policies work, no. Did all of George W. Bush’s policies work, no. Hugo Chavez helped all of South America toss off the yolk of American imperialism and helped move most of the continent from military right-wing dictatorships beholding to corporate owned America. Not only where center left democracies are all getting better, but even center right democracies of Peru and Columbia are improving.

Unlike Castro, Chavez and Morales worked through the democratic process to push their socialist agendas. Just like most of Europe. While our democracy on the other hand has been hacked by corporate lobbies, billionaires and a few gun enthusiasts.

This week brings to mind a letter I wrote to Newsweek magazine a some years ago to cancel my subscription. They had listed Che Guevera as #6 on the list of top murdering war criminals of the 20th century. Beyond Simon Bolivar, I would guess Che is the most well known hero of Latin America. Our biggest hero of Latin America? Christopher Columbus who murdered and enslaved the entire continent in the name of God.

Dow Jones hits Record High, thanks to Marxist President Obama, Sack cartoon

dow jones sack

With President Obama on watch as the Dow Jones breaks the record high, we find the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. When or where has that ever not been the case?  Well I suppose Cuba.  And more recently in Venezuela under Hugo Chavez who we hate even more than we do Cuba.  Why is that?  Advocates for the poor seem to always be so despised that they are either shot, crucified, or considered bad nwords.