Key and Peele ‘Anger Translate’ Obama’s Health Care Speech

Key and Peele, Luther 'Anger Translates' Obama's Health Care Speech

If President Obama ever needed Luther, the Anger Translator it is now! Affordable Health care has turned into a headache for the POTUS, who just wants you to have a doctor for your headaches too – is that so bad? Luther doesn’t think so, and he gives us a sample of a more direct way the President might want to communicate the information to a doubting public. If we can clear the hurdle , whereby a faulty website is viewed synonymously with the health care plan it serves – it will be a milestone for this country.

President Obama has addressed some of the questions and issues about the Affordable Care Act that were still hanging a few days ago when Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele did this impromptu interview. It remains to be seen how much of it has sunk into the collective mind. The President was recently loudly booed at a basketball game, where he sought recreation and relaxation with his family. If no good deed goes unpunished, this is one terrific health care plan!

Key & Peele: Obama & Luther Face An Alternate…Nightmarish Election Outcome

Key & Peele, Obama and Luther Obamas' anger translator  lose the election to Romney  in an alternate universe!

Oh sure, Obama and Luther are happy in this universe…But wait! In an alternate universe, the unthinkable has happened. In that grim place, President Obama is giving his concession speech, and somewhere – a Romney uncorks a sparkling cider in celebration.

Oddly, Luther – who isn’t known for his calm rational demeanor, is behaving very much like some conservatives today. Luther puts me in mind of  Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Tedd Nugent and a lot of other blowhards who promised they’d be in Canada by now. I suppose it would be insensitive to email them a google map?

Key & Peele: Obama on Halo 4, Luther The Anger Translator…VOTE !

Key & Peele,  Obama and Luther Obamas' anger translator with a word to other HALO 4 players  VOTE then return to ruling the world!

Has your phone been ringing off of the hook with well- meaning nudges reminding you to vote?  Brace yourself for one more reminder from President Obama and Luther, his anger translator.   Perhaps you – like the President, are intently playing Halo 4, or you are engrossed in proscribed ‘therapy’ such as fashioning necklaces from macaroni at the State Home for Nervous Disorders…Where I now reside since my last discussion with a Romney supporter. Such discussions resemble nothing so much as trying  to nail jello to a wall while hitting my own head with a brick repeatedly.

President Obama put down his Halo controller to vote, and urges you to do the same. You may then return home to save the world. But first, heed Luther who delicately suggests preparation which may be necessary for those who have been in the depths of the basement, gaming just a little too long.