Key & Peele: Obama & Luther Face An Alternate…Nightmarish Election Outcome

Key & Peele, Obama and Luther Obamas' anger translator  lose the election to Romney  in an alternate universe!

Oh sure, Obama and Luther are happy in this universe…But wait! In an alternate universe, the unthinkable has happened. In that grim place, President Obama is giving his concession speech, and somewhere – a Romney uncorks a sparkling cider in celebration.

Oddly, Luther – who isn’t known for his calm rational demeanor, is behaving very much like some conservatives today. Luther puts me in mind of  Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Tedd Nugent and a lot of other blowhards who promised they’d be in Canada by now. I suppose it would be insensitive to email them a google map?

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  1. HA…It IS highly ironic that many of the grumblers chose Canada as their destination. They didn’t think this threat through very well. Then again, they don’t seem to be following through either. I think that Winnipeg residents can relax. ; )

  2. Well Ms. ‘Cat,

    The Lt. posted the Tulsa Fox Traffic report where the Reporter showed the route to Canada from Tulsa. I doubt it was scripted but he had the route down. Not sure I’d wish fleeing Republicans in Winnipeg though. & has anyone mentioned to those Republicans that Canada has Universal Health Care? The NWT are rather cold to be trying to set up a “Galtian” paradise.

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