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Wife of “Stupid Horny Stupid” Politician like Weiner, Loves His Infidelity! BSofA Comedy

Wife of "Stupid Horny Stupid" Politician like Weiner, Loves His Infidelity! BSofA Comedy

The life of a humiliated political spouse is a mystery to most of us,and it's impossible not to wonder why accomplished women like Huma Abedin stand by their husband's side gazing at the floor tiles, while one dismaying revelation after another surfaces...We need wonder no more! Shelly McArdle, wife of a philandering pancake house waitress hound,and Full Article & Video

Walking Dead Show Meets Congress College Humor

Walking Dead Cast Meets Congress, pursued by zombies. College Humor

Congress is truly deadlocked when the cast of 'The Walking Dead' find themselves fighting both zombies and cumbersome Congressional procedure.  A simple motion to escape or be eaten alive can take an appalling amount of time to resolve! Perhaps  zombies are simply following vampires and big foot in a cyclical revolution of popularity; or maybe the Full Article & Video

Thank You Notes: Anthony Weiner-Wiener? P.Diddy & Kate Upton. Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon is thankful for Anthony Weiner/Wiener, P.Diddy & Kate Upton and Lots more

Jimmy pens thank you notes and like every comedian, he will be endlessly thankful if photo-enthusiast Anthony Weiner enters the political arena once again.  Weiner obviously believes that the American people have 'grown up' and/or forgotten his indiscretion...(tittering here) not likely.  Rackjite will appreciate why I spelled the politician's name 'both' ways. ; )   ... Full Article & Video