Seth Meyers Moderates Vice Presidential Debate Gone Wild!

  Seth Meyers Moderates Vice Presidential Debate Gone Wild!

Late Night with Seth Meyers puts a greatly-improved spin on the show-down between dad joke artist, and harmonica master Senator Tim Kaine and Presidential hopeful...Er, Governor Mike Pence. Seth acts as moderator, and while the candidates answer the questions themselves, their answers are brief and revealing.An irrepressible Seth Meyers is accused by Pence of "whipping ... Full Article & Video

@Midnight with Chris Hardwick, How to Get Fired From Fox News – video NSFW

@Midnight  How to Get Fired From Fox News like Stacey Dash and Ralph Peters- video NSFW

On @Midnight, host Chris Hardwick took note the brief suspension of Ralph Peters, and 'Clueless' actress and paid contributor Stacey Dash, who both contributed obscenities in response to President Obama's address on terrorism.Peters is the pipsqueak who roundly criticized the President, calling him a "p_______!" from the safety of his studio.  Classy and clueless Stacey ... Full Article & Video

Conan O’Brien, Deon Cole Breaks It Down – Baby Hitler Edition, Donald Trump – video

Conan O

On 'Conan,' Deon Cole unravels today's news and navigates the space/time continuum to help explain the 'baby Hitler' question for Jeb Bush and to put an end to speculation about Donald Trump's recent crazy remarks.Trump - whose inexplicable pull over his base is in jeopardy, further distanced himself when he opposed raising the minimum wage. ... Full Article & Video