Ben Carson’s Inconsistencies: A Closer Look – Late Night with Seth Meyers – Video

Ben Carson

On Late Night with Seth Meyers, Seth takes 'A Closer Look' at the inconsistencies of mild mannered maniac, outrageous liar, and Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson. Recently Ben Carson has come under attack from fact-checkers, after statements in his biography proved to be untrue. Why can't they just take Carson's word that he hit his mama ... Full Article & Video

Obama’s Hilariously Trolls the GOP Over Debate Drama, Putin – video


President Obama masterfully trolled Republican candidates, whose courage knows no bounds in dealing with Vladimir Putin -- from afar, comparing themselves to the "weak" President, claiming they would "make Putin listen."  Those same sensitive candidates are in a  bitter dispute with TV news outlets over perceived mistreatment, hurt feelings and other abuses cited in previous ... Full Article & Video

GOP Candidates Play ‘Run for the Cash’ with Tom Bergeron – Funny or Die Exclusive Video

GOP Candidates Play

In the most recent political send-up from Funny or Die,Tom Bergeron hosts the hottest new game show, where Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Chris Christie and Jeb Bush try to find the answers that will earn them cold, hard cash (or soft money) for their campaigns.If the ... Full Article & Video