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Republicans Are People Too Stephen Colbert

Republicans Are People Too  Stephen Colbert

The Colbert Report Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Colbert Report on Facebook Republicans are running a new ad to convince you that they're human, just in time for the midterm election! Perhaps you've seen it. If so, you know this is not a spoof or an Onion-style piece, as much as it appears Full Article & Video

Last Week Tonight John Oliver: Nuclear Weapons

Last Week Tonight John Oliver: Nuclear Weapons

On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver looks at our terrifying and blunder-riddled relationship with nuclear weapons. The U.S. has over 4,800 nuclear weapons and - surprisingly, we don't take good care of them. In fact, a locker at the bus depot is more secure than some of our Minuteman Missile silos, and I am not ... Full Article & Video

Russian & Ukrainian Bizarre Awards from Tonight Show

Russian & Ukrainian Bizarre Awards from the U.S. & The Tonight Show

Jimmy reads off superlatives for some of Russia and Ukraine's top politicians, including "most likely to eat charcoal briquettes as a snack."  To explain a bit further, President Obama had to impose sanctions on Russian and Ukrainian officials. To soften the blow of the sanctions, the U.S. gave out awards to the officials. These awards may Full Article & Video

Sarah Palin: on International Relations & Tips

Sarah Palin: On International Relations & Tips. Comedian Julie Brown

"Sarah Palin: Righteous for the Wrong Reasons"  Comedian Julie Brown. Like Putin, Sarah Palin is rearing her head once again.  This comment is assured to get fans riled up. When "libtards" mention Sarah saying that she can see Putin 'rearing his head' from her back yard, Palin fans go apoplectic reminding us that SNL made ... Full Article & Video

Jack Dundee’s All-Gay, Straight Adults Only, Arizona Fun Shoppe! Conan O’Brien

Jack Dundee

Welcome to Jack Dundee's All-Gay Straights-Only, Adult Emporium and fun house..."For God-fearing straight dudes." Gov. Jan Brewer is making business opportunities like Jack Dundee's possible. The question is - will she or won't she? If Jan Brewer signs Senate Bill 1062, or the 'right-to-refuse-service-bill' into law, things are really going to change in Arizona! Jack ... Full Article & Video