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The great American racial divide, Benson cartoon

One recent piece of data that got my attention was that only 30% of White people have a problem with the Zimmerman acquittal – 85% of African Americans. I have some anecdotal evidence regarding this racial divide. Living in Texas I see racism around me all the time no matter urban or rural. But when…

We all pay for the NRA gun fun, Benson Cartoon

This touches on perhaps the biggest problem with the NRA and the politics of gun fun. It is not only the Tiahrt Amendment which is attached to any and all gun legislation, but a litany of other similar laws. All of them sponsored by the NRA owned Republican Party and a few Democrats. These onerous…

United States of NRA, Benson Cartoon

At least we are still Number One in something.  We are also Number Two in executions!  We are exceptional! What have the Republicans CUT SPENDING in more than anything else?  Yes indeed, education. After all, smart educated people do not vote for Republicans.