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Approval Ratings, Steve Sack cartoon

Approval Ratings, Steve Sack cartoonApproval Ratings, Steve Sack cartoon

With Obama's approval rating at 45% and Congress approval rating at 13%, we have a 32 point spread. Which I am sure will reflect the election come November!  Well... Midterm elections bring out 40% of eligible voters while presidential elections bring out 60% of eligible voters. So if we subtract Full Article & Video

Gun Roulette, Sack Cartoon

Gun roulette

There's no ought or double ought! No chance of no shootings. American Exceptionalism at its best. The most Christian nation. The wealthiest nation.  If as I just learned only 6% of Americans hunt any longer but 40% of Americans have all the guns, then 34% of gun enthusiasts have guns Full Article & Video