Fallon: Stephen Colbert Talks About Sis, Elizabeth Colbert-Busch’s Congress Run

Jimmy Fallon video: Stephen Colbert talks about sister Elizabeth Colbe

Stephen Colbert makes the ultimate sacrifice and changes the subject from Stephen Colbert to his sister, Elizabeth Colbert-Busch. Elizabeth is running to be the Democratic nominee for South Carolina's first district, and Stephen is quite genuine in his praise for her.  Said Stephen,  "It's natural for her to run, because she has skills and something ... Full Article & Video

Jimmy Fallon Video: Russell Brand Impersonation Is Interrupted by Real Russell Brand… Kisses!

Jimmy Fallon Video: Jimmy

Jimmy's impersonations are legendary, and his take on 'actor, comedian and noted lothario' Russell Brand is no different. It's only when the real Russell Brand takes over reading 'Star' Magazine from Jimmy that we see how restrained Jimmy's impersonation has been. Declaring Jimmy's impersonation 'a hate crime' Brand delves into the scandalous and lovely dovely ... Full Article & Video