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Ken Crow Wows Tea Party Anti Immigration Crowd With Racist Bloodline Remarks

 Ken Crow Wows Tea Party Anti Immigration Crowd With Racist Bloodline Remarks

Pictured: Genetic thoroughbreds Sarah Palin and Ken Crow share a snuggly wuggly moment.  Earlier this week the two met again on Capitol Hill at a Tea Party rally protesting the passing of a Senate bill for immigration reform.

Ken Crow, a Tea Party co-founder, was joined by Republicans who should know better, including Jeff Sessions of Alabama, Ted Cruz of Texas and Steve King of Iowa who all support blockading the ‘pathway to citizenship.’ Backward and ugly Republicans aren’t newsworthy, but Ken Crow’s address to the masses was startling in its aggressive ignorance and blunt racism.   Watch as this perfect specimen applies his knowledge of animal husbandry as it applies to racial purity and immigration.  Racial purity – as it pans out, is THE important issue at the heart of limiting immigration. Who knew?

George Zornick of The Nation covered the rally in appalling detail, and it seems Crow is joined by some scary company, John Tanton, for one.  Zornick reports that John Tanton who organized the rally is famous for literary efforts such as “The Case for Passive Case Eugenics” and for stating that black Americans are a “retrograde species of humanity.”  Wow! Tanton uses bigger words than Crow, but it’s the same ol’ jack-ass speech.


From Ken Crow’s speech: From those incredible blood lines of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington and John Smith. And all these great Americans, Martin Luther King. These great Americans who built this country. You came from them. And the unique thing about being from that part of the world, when you learn about breeding, you learn that you cannot breed Secretariat to a donkey and expect to win the Kentucky Derby. You guys have incredible DNA and don’t forget it.

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