Tea Party Koolaid for the future, Toles Cartoon

GOP drinks the tea

They have not yet learned their lesson. The believers believe they lost by moving to the middle. The Conservative Entertainment Complex is going to fight like Hell for the BILLIONS they make each year playing to the intolerance and bigotry of their aging white audiences. Limbaugh may be in some trouble over the Sandra Fluke business, but still has 4 years left on his $400 million contract. Roger Ailes and Fox are still on top and Glenn Beck is coming back to cable!

Republicans are also winning over the state governorships and legislatures which give them the power to further gerrymander congressional districts in their favor. Example: Pennsylvania which Obama won by 5 points has 18 congressman, 15 of which are Republicans.   And remember, the very definition of CONSERVATIVE is NO CHANGE.

Another pointer that the tea will be served is who the Houston Chronicle, a usually Republican Lite paper, cannot stop it’s adoration and singing the praises of Senator Elect Ted Cruz who is a self defined NO COMPROMISE Tea Party extremist. A Canadian born half Cuban Evangelical Christian pretending to be Hispanic. He is about as Hispanic as Ted Nugent.