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Texas Republican: Midterm Win Predicts 2016 GOP Fail!


Texas Republican Chris Ladd: Midterm Win Predicts 2016 GOP Fail!








“We’re about to get two years of intense, horrifying stupidity.”  “If you thought Benghazi was a scandal that revealed Obama’s real plans for America then you’re an idiot, and these next two years will be a briefly happy period for you.”
Chris Ladd  Houston Chronicle

This quote is not from the mouth of Lawrence O’Donnell or from any other Democrat. In fact, it comes from a Republican – a Texas Republican, the highest degree of GOP. Chris Ladd wrote the above in his column in the Houston Chronicle, in response to the celebratory nature of his party after the midterm election.

Lawrence O’Donnell explains why the results of the midterm election are not as they seem. Catering to rural, white Americans while ignoring larger blocks of voters and their stated desires has placed Republicans in position for a complete rout in 2016, where as  O’Donnell predicts, any Democrat will handily beat any Republican candidate in the presidential election. O’Donnell does a fine job of charting the demise of the Republicans. The map of the U.S. divided into red and blue states, is at first glance disturbing, with so much red territory, until O’Donnell breaks it down into actual electoral votes  per state.

This piece by O’Donnell was written with the suggestion that you send it to the Republican uncle whom you know you will be seeing during the holidays. May I suggest you keep it close at hand. If you have my luck, hardly a day passes when I do not encounter a gloating Republican who can use a splash of cold reality, and this is the piece to provide just such a refreshing wake-up.

Meanwhile, we should celebrate! If anyone dares to ask us why we losers are so cheerful, we can tell them – or we can just let them find out in two years!

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