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Top Ten biggest winners and losers in the first Ten Days of Trump

Top Ten biggest winners and losers in the first Ten Days of Trump

With the first ten days since the election now under our belt, which Hillary Clinton won by 1.2 million votes, who are the winners and losers?

The Ten biggest winners so far?

  1. White nationalists, racists and the Alt Right.
  2. Muslim terrorist recruitment here and abroad.
  3. Morons
  4. Political incorrectness [bigotry]
  5. Milo Yiannopoulos
  6. Putin and Assad
  7. Insurance and pharmaceutical industries
  8. Coal, oil, gas and the Koch Brothers
  9. Christian evangelical intolerance
  10. The NRA

And the Ten biggest losers so far?

  1. Chris Christie
  2. Hillary Clinton
  3. The Bushes
  4. Anyone smarter than a carrot
  5. Actors, artists and musicians
  6. Duck Dynasty[canceled with the show moving to the White House]
  7. #NeverTrump Republicans
  8. Environmentalists
  9. Rosie O’Donnell
  10. Mark Cuban

One thing is for sure, as this moves forward things will be getting a lot worse, but for the few liberal white men like me who are neither Muslim, Latino, Black, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender or have a wussy  to grab, it will be just fine. Sit back with a bit of now legal pot and a beer and enjoy the show. The coming circus with a daily shot of buffoonery that will overwhelm the entire world.

But please, in remembrance of Al Gore who was the last Democrat to win the popular vote and lose the election, you will have to put your empathy, altruism and common decency in a lockbox for the time being.

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