Trump Merges Reality With TV, Pull the Plug! – Keith Olbermann

Trump Merges Reality With TV, Pull the Plug! - Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann makes a great case for disconnecting Trump’s television connection. We  have a cross between SNL’s late, great, Gilda Radner’s little old lady character Emily Litella, and Chancy Gardener – the dim television addict from the movie ‘Being There’ in the White House. Neither of the two characters was afflicted with Trump’s malignant narcissism, but you still wouldn’t want them near ‘the button.’
Emily Litella appeared on Weekend Update. For instance, she’d say: ‘What’s all this fuss I keep hearing about saving endangered feces?!” Chevy Chase and Jane Curtain would correct her, and she’d say..”That’s very different. Never-mind.”

Trump never says ‘never-mind’ when he gets it wrong. He creates a story to fit his delusion and tweet about it. Keith breaks down Trump’s many tweets into categories, which lean heavily on television, ratings, delusions and absolute fabrications. Stories of events that never happened are particularly riveting.
Trump doesn’t use a computer, so google is out, and he doesn’t read. That pretty much leaves Sean Hannity as a  trusted resource. This is sadly funny until you realize how far Hannity’s reach is. The firing of New York’s US Attorney Preety Bharara, and the demand for for a purge of everyone who had worked for President Obama came from a paranoid Hannity segment  We don’t need wiretapping, we need wire cutting!