Youth, authorty, and respect

A recent poll by the Progessive Institute for the Squalid, a liberal think tank located in Hortense, South Carolina announced its findings on youth attitudes Sunday last.
“There is a significant trend toward American youth developing a greater respect for both adults and authority,” declared D. Rawlings Lister, Co-chair of the committee to discover respect in youth.
On hand was Teddy Stemple, 15, one of the adolescents polled in the survey. Stemple pointed out that he has “ a deep and abiding respect for members of the Bush administration that consistently break the law and violate the constitution and get away with it.”
Stemple also listed ‘Major League Baseball players on steroids, NBA stars that take drugs and beat women, and the NFL players who get high and fight,” as not only adults worthy of respect, but also true positive role models.