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11-Year-Old Naomi Wadler calls out Fox News lies

Two speeches at the March for Our Lives caused my day long tearing up to flow down my cheeks, this is one of them.

“People have said I am too young to have these thoughts on my own. People have said I am the tool of some nameless adult. That is not true.” Naomi Wadler

[I would like to add that the USA TODAY video of this little girl specifically edits that quote out. Milk toast offends no one.]

This march with the issue of mass shootings is a separate issue from gun crime. Divided mostly upon racial lines. I give the white kids credit for including the black kids who suffer a very different issue in gun violence. Together…

But, we have to do these issues one at a time.  The crime issue is far more complicated which including all gun types, the mass shooting issue is fare easier to solve, one gun type, weapons of war in civilian hands, who for the most part are all right-wing lunatics.     



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