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2015 – A Grand Opera of A Year in Review

2015 - A Grand Opera of A Year in Review - And Republicans Continue into 2016

If ‘it ain’t over till the fat lady sings,’  the curtain went down on 2015 with quite a few bombastic fat ladies whose song still isn’t over – take Donald Trump and his spokeswoman wearing the bullet necklace, they just keep on giving!

Our newsy songbird PsychoSuperMom covers a lot of territory  in the style of grand opera, as befits the bombastic stories of the year. As mentioned, Trump’s spokeswoman, Katrina Pierson recently appeared wearing a necklace fashioned from bullets.Granted, the effort could have been a way of drawing attention to our national disgrace. Pierson could have been saying ‘no’ to our frequent mass shootings, and gun-mania. She ‘could have’ been motivated for those reasons, but she wasn’t. Next time, Pierson vows to wear a fetus, because the bullets got so many tongues wagging!  Trump has found the perfect mouthpiece, no redeeming value necessary

In 2015 we loved Pope Francis, and so did John Boehner who’s gone and loving it. Also missing is Jon Stewart, and although we like Trever Noah, we can’t help but miss him. On the bright side, gay people got the right to marry! As a consequence, we now know Kim Davis – Kentucky Clerk and conservative bigot.  There’s an honorable mention in it for anyone who can reel off her husbands – in order,  and the parentage of her children. It isn’t for the faint of heart or easily befuddled!

Most of the ‘fat ladies’ still singing, are Republican presidential hopefuls. In 2015, Republicans introduced a massive field of losers, children’s tables at debates,  and the nastiest candidate would be difficult to select at any point in  time. Ted Cruz is still creepy after all these years..Ask his old college roommate. I’m just thankful Cruz wears more than a filmy robe when appearing in front of women’s groups, these days.