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35 hours left until the 60 Minutes interview with Stormy Daniels

[This graphic from Bill Maher’s New Rules last night, video not available]

Only 35 hours left until the whole world finds out who in person threatened Stormy Daniels with physical harm, what’s on the DVD, and most importantly if there are little dick pics of The Donald? Will this 60 minutes draw more viewers than the Oscars, the Emmys or the Superbowl?

But no matter what comes out it will make no difference to the Trumpers, which includes over 80% of Evangelical Christians whose only purpose in politics is to have a big intrusive government deny liberty and personal freedom to one class of people, pregnant women.

And where did this move back to the 50’s sending women to coat hangers, beatings, suicide, and motel room abortions come from anyway, it’s not from Jesus or even the Bible. It came from Jerry Falwell and Ronald Reagan playing a political game to the White House.

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