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The Rule of Law My Ass – Immigration

Holocaust rule of lawThe conservative spin on forcibly rounding up and deporting 12 million people of one ethnicity – a larger project than Nazi Germany’s round up of Jews in the 1930’s – is defended by invoking the Rule of Law. Beware, whether it be BJs, deportation or peeking in your window, whenever you hear them invoke the Rule of Law you know it is to cover one form of intolerance and(or) bigotry or another. Witch burning, Slavery, Jim Crow and The Holocaust were all carried out under the Rule of Law.
As happened with Gun Control, the Democrats are forced by the reality of a xenophobic electorate to cave in do our non existent Mexican problem. National figures show that illegal immigration is not a statistical issue, applying the ups and down of it results in stasis. No, the bottom line is that it is the GOP’s last grasp to save their sorry asses in 2008 from being dumped into the ashbin of history. Per usual, whether 911, WMDs, aluminum tubes, Saddam Hussein with a nuke or Osama bin Laden swimming the Rio Grande, they will ply the fear to play on middle America’s ethnic and racial bigotry. With voter age demographics slowly pushing religious intolerance back under the rocks where it belongs, it is the only issues they have left.
Since this began with Lou Dobbs leading the way, polls show that the 8% of Hispanic voters have moved from 60% voting Democrat to 80%. I wonder how the Republican consultants do their math? I suppose it is that their base in this are old farts who vote in higher numbers than Hispanics.

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