Andrew Jackson: Most Terrifying Man Ever Elected President. Cracked Comedy

Cracked Comedy looks at President Andrew Jackson, most terrifying man ever elected!

They didn’t teach you this side of Andrew Jackson in school.  If they had, instead forcing you to memorize some dusty facts and dates, you’d know Andrew Jackson as well as you do Michael Jackson…And much better than you recall the lesser-known brothers like Marlin and Tito.
When you see how A.J. ‘entertained’ after his win, keep in mind the painful biting of tongues Democrats are still engaging in after the recent Obama win. Any sign of joy or elation is still considered to be poor form or ‘rubbing it in.’ It’s a certainty that Jackson lost no sleep over his opponent’s tender feelings!

  • Should we keep the electoral college, or elect presidents strictly by popular vote?

  • db


    Yes. The Democratic Candidate, Sam Tilden won the popular vote by some 250,000+ out of about 8.35 million votes. Voting “irregularities” were found in SC, FL, & LA & those States sent two sets of electors. A Commission was established to determine which electors to record. That Commission, voting strictly on Party lines, voted to accept the Republican Electors & Hays won by one EV.

    That’s the short version.

  • Rutherford B. Hayes stole the election of 1876?

  • db

    The worst “steal” though is 1876.

    You can learn a lot by not sleeping through High School History Class.

  • That’s some rather terrifying news db. As counter productive as our media is, I guess it would have helped to stop some of the dirty election tricks back in the day.

  • db

    Well Ms. ‘Cat,

    You have to realize that Jackson had the 1824 election stolen from him in ways that make Bush 2000 look like a piker.

    And I’m not so sure that hanging John Calhoun wouldn’t have been a good thing. Nullification would have a later & much more bloody resolution.