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Archie Bunker’s editorial on Gun Control

I remember watching this way back when and never laughed so hard. And now that is where the NRA and Republicans are, arm the teachers, arm everyone. It’s one of those many things that politicians and the media cannot say. Gun enthusiasts are dumber than boiled okra. Oh, neither can they say anything disparaging about religion, our troops or Israel. Conservative Correctness.

Some years ago George Will had the opinion page on the last page of Newsweek for a few years. He did a two-parter on who everyone should carry an AR15 with them at all times.  After reading the first part  I thought I had been mistaken about him. That George Will has a sense of humor and could do very well.  It was not until reading part 2 that I realized he was dead serious.

It is easy to name the most despicable man of the 20th Century. Roy Cohn, layer and mentor to Joe McCarthy and Donald Trump.

But what about the most despicable woman of the 20th Century?

No, not Dana Loesch or Ann Coulter, easily it is Ayn Rand.  Beloved and the most important person in the lives of George Will and Paul Ryan.

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