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An atheist at Heaven’s Gate, FOD

atheist at heavens gateThe question arises, is the moral high ground doing the right thing because YOU want to get YOURSELF into Heaven, or doing the right thing just because it’s the right thing to do?

From there we can address the even larger question of whether religion could even exist if it were not for the profound self serving interest at it’s very core?

God puts it in another way in this video. Is choosing to not do a bad thing you want to do because you are afraid to die a higher morality than not doing so because you know it’s wrong?

But you know this is all moot anyway. For Martin Luther’s Protestantism, Mohammad and his Islam, and American Christianity are not based upon what you DO, but rather upon your intensity of belief. Which I have come to understand is the most disgusting aspect of religion at work past and present.

How anyone could accept such a butt ugly world view is just beyond me. I know I know, the whole point of religion is it all being about ME. As Jesus taught us.