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Aussie Comic Jim Jeffries’ Hilarious Take on Guns!

Aussie Comic Jim Jeffries' Hilarious Take on America's Love Affair With Guns

Australian comedian Jim Jeffries sees our American obsession with guns with clear-eyed realism and a big dose of humor.
Jeffries is uniquely qualified to speak to the issue, because Australia did the unthinkable in 1996, after the Port Arthur massacre where one shooter killed 35 people, and wounded 23.  In reaction, the Australian government said ‘that’s IT – no more guns…Audible gasp – a GUN ban!   Australians reacted by saying ‘Okay, fair enough.’  This is the difference between Australians and gun-crazy Americans.
America suffered the bloody Sandy Hook massacre, where ‘The Children’ were killed. . The government said ‘maybe we should consider some gun controls.’ The vociferous gun lobby said “F**k You – don’t take my guns!”  In fact, what we need are MORE guns – to be safer!
Which country has had another massacre.. Rather, several more massacres since Sandy Hook, and daily shootings?

I think Jeffrie’s estimate that about 50% of the audience disagrees with him is conservative. He says ‘outrageous’ things, inviting Americans to admit they don’t buy guns for ‘sport’ or protection, they buy them simply because they LOVE guns! As you can imagine, he has heard every argument from ‘responsible gun owners’ to justify possessing guns and automatic weapons, and arming nearly everyone.   One shudders to imagine the consequences of arming teachers! The pro-gun forces truly have not thought this one through, or they have very hazy memories about their own school days.  As for those who claim we need guns to stave off an attack from the tyrannical, America-hating president’s shock-troops…Jeffries gently reminds them: “You do realize you’re bringing guns to a drone fight, don’t you?”

The video is entertaining, and Jeffrie’s agile mind can equate responsible gun ownership to responsible slave ownership. If you have heard an argument for arming everyone, and you have heard many – our friend from Australia has the clever and truthful  answer for every one of them.   Even the Second Amendment argument fails to hold water.  It seems we can change these things with…An amendment! Who knew?  What we need, he suggests, rather than a copy of the constitution, is a thesaurus.

There is so much funny but good common sense truth, that it would be a shame to skip the video…So don’t, and see why a return to muzzle loaders would be an excellent compromise for everyone, and could save lives.