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53% of Americans believe God is essential to morality

Is belief in God essential to morality?

The fail in this crap that immorality [intolerance, hatred and violence] is done in the name of belief, while little if any of it is done in the name of non belief.

This international poll comes on the back of another recent poll that found 46% of Americans believe man was created by God less than 10,000 years ago. Both results show that the United States has more in common with Africa and the Middle East than Europe and most of Asia.  

The bottom line of this chart relates religious intolerance to income. But substituting income with education and it would come up must the same, except for the chart OUTLINERS, US and CHINA.  I can’t speak for China other than to say the religiosity of the place has been much the same no matter the political structure. But I will speak for America in that it is an OUTLINER because regionalism brings down the overall figures in income, education and IQ. It’s that white gravy.

There is a something unmentioned in all this. Why are we so intensely fixated upon striving to be as unlike the rest of the civilized world [Europe, Canada, Australia] as we can muster? Places where people enjoy free and better health care, better education, less prisons, less crime, less violence, less guns, less disparity of wealth, more vacations, unions and who are smarter, safer and happier than we are. Or as we choose to call civilization, SOCIALISM!

And how best to combat SOCIALISM is through religious ignorance and intolerance. It’s what makes us so exceptional. For exceptional we are.