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Benghazi done and the Email saddle is already slipping

Benghazi to email to Lewinsky

Hillary murdering four Americans in Benghazi is now over – a bit shy of the 2976 that George W Bush murdered on 911 – we now move on to the treasonous emails which also seems to be slipping away, so may be time to saddle up Monica Lewinsky, but when that fails it’s back to the old standard, Hillary the untrustworthy elitist politician. Who is no more or less untrustworthy or elitist than any other politician I can think of. Well Democrats Sanders and Carter aside…

Did you know that she was the First Lady of Arkansas for eight years, lived in the White House as First Lady for another eight years, was a US Senator for eight more years and Secretary of State for four years? That may seem like the resume of the most qualified individual for President in modern history, but in reality that is the definition of a an elitist witch.

If Hillary wants to win this thing she will have to start shooting wolves from an airplane, gather up her immediate family for a few drunken brawls at a keg party and have Bill get drunk and smash his snowmobile into a tree while leaving a bar in the middle of the night. The American voter can better relate to dirtballs than to elitists.

I Googled some math and was unable to find an amount high enough to differentiate the untrustworthiness and elitism of Donald Trump compared to Hillary Clinton. Magno giga mega something or other.