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Bill Maher and Bari Weiss attack the left’s political correctness

I am no fan of political correctness, in fact I agree with Maher that even more than the bigotry of his run that brought us this Buffoon it was political correctness. In fact I believe that more than any other issue it is what brought us the conservative hegemony for a generation moving labor and the working class to the GOP. It’s simple. DON’T SHAKE YOUR FINGER IN MY FACE!

With that said, what both Maher and Weiss are missing in their attacks on the obnoxious left screeching about racism over tiny crap are the numbers.

If you see them demonstrate it is usually half a dozen of them most in head scarves and a few fat guys.  Perhaps as much as 1% of us. While on the other side the loud racist bigoted nasty crap comes unrelenting from about 30% of us.

In fact, though I do not do Twitter or Facebook I am active in website comment areas and have never once seen these snowflake liberals calling out people for such minutia.

“President Trump is running the country like a website comment area.” Eric Eriksson

I also greatly enjoyed red state Eric Eriksson bring up comment areas at the round table [where again the bigoted nasty ugly crap comes at about 30 to 1 from the Right.] It’s that false argument from Republicans that both sides are equally guilty.  Brought to bullshit by Trump with Charlottesville.  It’s about 30 to 1 in all of it. Back before the web when I was active in debate, the newsgroups were about 100 to 1 ugly right.

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