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Bill Maher endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Bill Maher endorses Bernie Sanders for PresidentBecause Bernie Sanders has no Citizen’s United super pacs, Bill Maher only has to contribute $5400 to him rather than $1 million he gave to elect Obama last cycle. Obviously $5400 should be the limit for everyone in all political donations – which a vast majority of Americans agree with – but we are unable to get there because of the 5 to 4 advantage Republicans have on the Supreme Court.

WITH THAT SAID, though I love Bernie I cannot jump on board knowing how serious this election in that respect. Where we find polls that show voters would rather vote for a Muslim or an Atheist rather than a Socialist. Republicans could even nominate a lunatic like Ted Cruz, Donald Trump or Ben Carson and win the general election against a self defined socialist. Socialism means blacks get white people’s stuff.

Ginsberg and Kennedy will probably retire during the next presidential term and possibly Breyer. If all three were replaced by three more Alitos, all decisions would be 7 to 2 full of religious intolerance, smashing down minorities and the poor, uplifting the wealthy and corporate greed, destruction of the environment, even more guns, more billionare control of politics, and making it harder for poor and minorities to vote. Even with just Ginsberg replaced it would make meaningless the sometimes Kennedy swing vote.

And as we saw the other night, whoever the GOP nominee would be would eat Bernie alive in a debate. Well other than Ben Carson, who probably wouldn’t show up.

Keep in mind I said the same things about Barack Obama 8 years ago. Not only saying he was unelectable, but that if he actually were elected, the Republicans would go so crazy with a black guy telling EVERYONE what to do that nothing would ever get done. Well other than than that one thing I got it half that right.

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