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Bill Maher Jane Mayer On Koch Brothers FULL Interview

Bill Maher Jane Mayer On Koch Brothers FULL InterviewThanks primarily to the most powerful right-wing government official in American history Antonin Scalia because of Citizen’s United, the Koch brothers along with their unnamed cabal of 400 fellow billionaires will have amassed over a billion dollars by the time the general election rolls around to spend on either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. Spent so they can burn more oil, gas, coal and frack up your front yard.  

What it seems to be coming down to is what is worse, the American plutocracy or the mob. Twice in my life have seen the mob beat the living crap out of someone. Not pretty, and I still feel guilty for not intervening to get the crap beat out of me too, for a stranger.  I guess I am not a good Christian.

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