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Bill Maher Monologue, Weiner Wiener, August 2 2013

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Bill Maher monologueGosh… When is the Democratic Primary in New York? How much longer is this going to go on?  Second time around at that. Now we have some comparing Weiner to the kidnapping, torturing, raping, baby killer Castro.

Come on, the guy got caught spanking the monkey for Christsake.  Well, and talking a  movie of it… Hmmm, and sending it around… There oughta be a law. And if the Republicans get the Senate next time, which is a PROBABILITY, and the White House the time after that, which is a POSSIBILITY, there will sure to be a Monkey Spanking Law.  Just look to North Carolina to see what would happen to the entire country if that were to happen.

As Barney Frank said so well on the panel tonight, it is the electorates job, all of us who are not Tea Party nutjobs, to keep these creepy crawlers from winning general elections. I would think that with the GOP doing everything it can to keep the rest of us from voting, that more of us will go vote than ever before. Here’s hoping.  Getting out the vote as never before would NULLIFY not only their voter suppression laws, but their gerrymandering as well.
You know in Australia there is a fine for not voting.

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