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New Rules with Bill Maher, Citizens United, North Carolina, Art Pope and Jay Z August 2 2013

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New Rules with Bill MaherLast show of the season with a serious ending. The 5 Republicans on the Supreme Court did more to harm our American democracy than any terrorist, socialist, or communist in our history. Sure Sheldon Adleson spent $150 million last elections cycle in his failed attempt to do away with President Obama, but I wonder how much more of a licking Romney would have suffered without that money.  But as we see here in Texas and too many other states to mention, when that much money goes into state elections they can buy the Governor, the legislature and the judicial system as we see in North Carolina.

I just read a headline article about Washington DC passing a citywide LIVEABLE WAGE bill.  Making the Minimum Wage $12 an hour.  Walmart was first out of the box to say if it passed they would immediately halt all plans to build 3 more Walmarts in the area and move the one store they have out of the city.

What does that tell you about the biggest corporate employer in America? What it should tell you is what it told me. That is the last straw, I will never set foot in any of their crapbag stores again in my life.

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