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Bill Maher New Rules: 4/20 Grass warfare

We have to act with weed as Republicans act toward guns. Get the Millennials out to vote as one issue voters. Along with guns.

We now have John Boehner and Chuck Schumer fighting for federal legalization of weed.

Pot reduces the nausea associated with reading Trump’s tweets.

In Bill’s list of what weed is good for he forgets two of the most important, sex and thinking outside the box.

If I had a nickel for every time I got stuck on a home project or some computer code, smoking a doobie found me either solving it or finding a work around it, I could be as rich as Trump says he is.

As to sex? Many years ago after some Lebanese hash, that ending sexual moment was so intense I put my foot through the drywall behind my bed. I became a believer.

Another issue he missed is like so many, when I got out of the army I had a Jack Daniels problem. Went to college on the GI Bill, lived in an Animal House lite with some other vets, and after jumping on the pot wagon we all stopped with the hard liquor and stuck to just a few dozen beers a day.

And boy oh boy, after a bit of war, and in one’s early twenties in 1969, it was no contest competing against 18 year old nitwits for the freshman girls. Let me tell you…

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