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Bill Maher New Rules, Obama’s Apology Tour, June 24 2016

Bill Maher New Rules, Obama's Apology Tour, June 24 2016“We need to take the glorification of guns out of the American psyche,” last night Larry Wilmore gave the same answer I have been beating my head against the wall saying for 2o years here.  Guns are not to be promoted, celebrated and worshiped but rather we need a JUST SAY NO campaign, or as we have a war on everything else, how about a War on Guns?

As to the video at hand, the problem with apologies is that they not only make people feel better, they help reduce the hate all around, which is the last thing Republicans want because the millionaires who are the GOP  are only in power because of generating the fear that drives the hate to a generation of the uneducated. In fact they have done such a swell job of it that to the Republican base, apologies only make them hate more. Again the vanity plate:  KEPH8N