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Bill Maher, Stupid Tea Party people

[jwplayer file=”https://rackjite.com/videos/mp4s/maherstupid.mp4″ image=”https://rackjite.com/videos/mp4s/maherstupid1.jpg”]

Bill maher tea party stupidI noticed it right away. MEDICAID was not one of the questions. Heath care for poor people, predominately poor urban blacks. It is what makes us a Christian Nation.  I guess the face of the Tea Party these days is Michele Bachmann.  Oh and Ted Cruz in the Senate.

Someone explain what to me what is wrong with this.

Most of us pay $10k for family health insurance. Employer pays half and we pay half.  $5000 each. What if we had a single payer system where the employer paid us an extra $5000 instead of health insurance and we paid the other $5000 in payroll tax and everyone was covered? Why is that so bad?