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Bill Maher, Trump the con man huckster, March 23 2017

Bill Maher, Trump the con man huckster, March 23 2017

Bill Maher, Trump the con man huckster, March 23 2017Is this it? One guy who will admit voting for Trump was a huge mistake? But perhaps he didn’t really belong in the Trump cult to begin with, after all, he spelled every word right in his sign. And who likes to admit to a mistake? Though I can only thing of one human who has and never will do so.

In normal times the 2018 Senate elections would look like a slam dunk for another 8 to 10 Republicans ousting Democrats to take a super majority. But this is not normal times. This is bizarroworld. Perhaps privately most Trump voters have seen the dark and will just quietly sit the next election out.

That, along with millions of Democrats now willing to crawl through burning fecal laced lava to go vote in an off year election could move both the Senate and the House out of Republicans hands.

But for that to happen the now openly expressed talk of treason and impeachment becoming a reality could stand in the way. It is Trump more than all the draconian and saber rattling policy that is the key to getting out the vote. Mike Pence may be an intolerant bigoted wanker, but he, like Neil Gorsuch does not rise to the level of burning fecal lava crawling.

And besides, just 65 days of The Donald has filled us with more political entertainment than the last 240 years combined. Just imagine what another 660 days could bring us. And that is not even addressing the total Donald meltdown losing both houses of Congress would bring. Hell, he might nuke California before they succede.

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