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Bundy Militia Jon Ritzheimer with HATEFUL supplies received from Liberals

Bundy Militia Jon Ritzheimer with HATEFUL supplies received from LiberalsIt’s not so much the hypocrisy as it is that they are astonishingly unaware of the hypocrisy, a low intellectual threshhold, or as Republican wordsmith Frank Luntz would call them “Working Class Underachievers.”

So many sheep so little time…  So here we have Jon, Ammon and the rest of that gang who hate the United States government so very much, hate it so much that they have taken up military armament and occupy a Federal Park in the middle of nowhere.  Even when the two ranchers they say they are there to defend have disowned them the local ranchers, the local town, the sheriff, the country,the Governmor ahve all asked them to skedaddle but instead they say they will shoot it out if need be. That’s one hellova lotta hate, let me tell you.

All because it seems some jokers sent these boobs a table full of silly stuff to make fun of them. Which in turn caused these rocket scientists to fill themselves with even more hate had to make a video to document it. All to say. Liberals are full of hate.  Write that down. Or is that in the Bible?  Did Ronald Reagan say that?

Btw, a dollar to a doughnut that the long box in front from Amazon is a $22.99 Daisy Red Ryder with a note, DON’T PUT YOUR EYE OUT!

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