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Caged Jesus A Stark Protest of Trump Border Camps

A shocking scene featuring Jesus in a cage stands on the grounds of Indianapolis church, to protest Trump’s cruel border policies. The Very Rev. Steve Carlson of Christ Church Cathedral explains why the Holy Family, who are only seen each Christmas, are imprisoned on the grounds of the church today.

“It IS a cage. It’s a detention camp, it’s a concentration camp, and just last week the Attorney General was arguing for indefinite detention for families. We have to call this what it is, and I’m shocked to see this in our country. I’m offended as an American, but I know as a faithful person that we are called to much better than that.”

Mega kudos to Rev. Carlson and the Indianapolis church!  American conservatives are quick to point to the sanctity of ‘the family’ and to their faith, when they wish to refuse to bake wedding cakes and to prevent women from obtaining birth control. I can’t help but wonder, where are they now, when they can stand up for families and children in a truly meaningful way?

‘Caged Jesus’ Used to Protest Zero Tolerance-video

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