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Chelsea Handler goes on a Buffalo hunt with Blackfeet / Siksika Indians

Chelsea Handler goes on a Buffalo hunt with Blackfeet / Siksika Indians

Chelsea Handler goes on a Buffalo hunt with Blackfeet / Siksika IndiansI will miss Chelsea Handler. She and Samantha Bee have more to say in a more terrific an bigly manner than the rest of late night combined.

Watching this video brought to mind the TAKING A KNEE controversy. Both Chelsea and Samantha often use their show – which are reached millions – to give us a peak into the humanity of things.

Sure we can see things like this on FRONTLINE or AMERICAN EXPERIENCE but those shows are too long for most people and never considered as something to watch by the Republican Base. PBS? NPR? Liberal late night hosts? TV shows without guns? Movies without guns? Stuff never even considered by the Republican base.

The only things Republicans see about Indians is on Fox News showing them holding signs and causing trouble for REAL AMERICANS. Neither are facts, or books, or studies, or science, or college professors, or the truth, or anything meaningful at all other than reducing my taxes and deregulating everything. Saving money for me by deregulation and reducing my taxes has been the central overriding policy of the GOP for a hundred years.

It’s all about my money. Sure there is the ugliness of intolerance, bigotry, racism, Obama and Hillary that is the source of their anger and ignorance, but that takes second place to the money. And most of the Republican Party uses Jesus Christ as their God and mentor. Who said what about money grubbing and bigotry? He never even mentioned abortion or homosexuality. Prayer? He did say something about that. Do it quietly and alone in your room. Don’t grandstand it, it debases you and God.

Who’s in Hell?  Well next time you are in the Middle East or at the zoo.  Take along a needle. Hold it up and try and look through the eye of it to the camel and see what you think the chances are of a pulling the camel through that little oblong hole.

Which all comes down to the misnomer of “Liberal Bias Media.”


It is the “Human Bias Media.”

It is the central problem with Donald Trump, he has no humanity. At all. When it does show, it is always written by someone else and he reads it off a prompter. I can’t imagine the sonofabitch even shedding a tear of the loss of one of his children. The biggest hit a human can take.