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Christian Tea Party Republican Kansas Congressman Kevin Yoder Drunk and clothless in Israel

Chris Christie not clothless

Trouble with this one is there are no pictures. I had to search for an apropos graphic, in this case the horrifying possibility that it was Governor Chris Christie running around clothless in Israel. Imagine how viral that would have gone. Adding a foot of vomit to the surface of the Planet.

But no, it was a Kansas Christian Tea Party star congressman Kevin Yoder. House Majority leader Eric Cantor was there as was the Baby Quayle and 58 other Christian Republican lawmakers. The week long $10,000 vacation per person was sponsored by AIPAC, you know the Neo Con Lobby to begin a preemptive war on Iran leading into  a nuclear World War 3. These Republicans are guests of the hard right Likud because they want to wash away the Muslims from in and around Jerusalem so Jesus has room to return and destroy the Earth. Jesus does need room. Oral Roberts puts his present height at 110 feet. Jesus needs big shoulders to carry all the evangelical Christians to Heaven after he kills everyone else. Jesus must be American.

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