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Church Okays Controversial Christmas Nativity Ad, But ‘Best Ad Ever’ Banned!


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ut TV ad…ever is okay by church, features very realistic Nativity scene and HUMOR ” src=”https://rackjite.com/wp-content/uploads/tc1220-christmasAd-150×100.jpg” width=”150″ height=”100″ />

This ad has the distinction of being considered both ‘the best’ and ‘the most complained about Christmas themed ad ever.’ According to the top YouTube poster: ” The script was approved by the Church of England. It was only shown on TV three times. It was banned because of the last words, “It’s a Girl.” The Church didn’t mind this. Seems the public did, though.” If I may add, the ad is also a great deal more realistic than most televised births, and certainly idealized nativity scenes! Not for the queasy…Oh, and you may want to turn the volume down a bit. ; )