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Fox News Christian Skanks: Gingrich, Dobson, Rosenburg and Huckabee blame GOD not GUNS for Sandy Hook

fox news christian skanks

I admit to not understanding the evangelical language they use among thems

elves. When I hear it, which is often enough, it sound mostly like a freshman philosophy student on mushrooms. From what I gather, because we do not force Fox News Christianity upon our children in public schools, because we do not force adults to pray and fear God, because like all civilized nations other than the Islamic theocracies, who accept a separation of church and state, God is so angry with us that he sends hurricanes and gunloons to kill our children. Wow, what a cool religion SIGN ME UP!

But refusing to even mention guns, assault rifles, extended magazines or even mental health after the murder of 20 six year old’s by a mentally deranged shooter using an assault rife with extended clips – and instead blaming it on abortion, gay marriage, liberals, public schools, God and Jon Stewart goes so deep into the ugly nature of what has become the dominate political religion of the United States, it has reached the retching vomit stage. So beyond common decency that skank is too kind a word to use for these foul Right-wing miscreants who if Jesus were to come back, would have him nailed to a tree in minutes. Gosh…


James Dobson who has made the once beautiful and open city of Colorado Springs and the Air Force Academy a town of intolerant bigotry and silliness. Focus on the Family the biggest money pot in Christian America.

Mike Huckabee, after even Pat Roberson recently came out in defense of evolution, is still waddling around with dinosaur riding cavemen. And is also at the top of the list for GOP nominee for President in 2016.

Newt Gingrich who not only lived in a constant state of high adultery from 1975 to 2000, that’s 25 years, but as Speaker of the House porking some Bimbo named Calistra in his office, lead the impeachment of the President for the same thing. Gingrich singing his Fox News Christian crap goes so far beyond hypocrisy no one has yet found a word for it.

And last but not least, best selling Fox News Christian author Joel Rosenburg who blamed Jon Stewart for Sandy Hook because he has waged a cultural war against Jesus and Christmas.

So far the NRA has indeed come out with meaningful dialog, that we need more assault rifles with more extended magazines to hand out to more people.

Remember Democratic NRA Senator Manchin from W. Virgina stepping up to the plate about assault rifles and magazines last week? Well the NRA must have given him a call, because he has stepped back on what he said, and now says “I am so proud of the NRA!”