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Colbert explains Fast and Furious Obama Conspiracy


It’s plain as day for any Republican gun nut. Wait, that’s redundent, all Republicans are now NRA gun nuts. Fox News and talk radio are now in charge of congressional investigations.

You see, the President IS going to take everyone’s guns away. That’s “GUNS” as these people need lots and lots of guns. They need to buy them by the pallet at shops and gun shows. To deny someone a truckload a day of assault rifles leads to holocaust as we all well know.

So while Republicans defend the right of Jesus Zappata to but as many guns as he wants, to do with as he will, they take to a congressional committee to blame their policy not on the ATF any more, but on President Obama and his conspiracy with Eric Holder to make more guns available so they can then cry wolf and come crashing through everyone’s doors next year to take everyone’s gun away so they can move on to some holocaust of one sort or another.

To get a better grasp of what this is really all about, Rachel Maddow went through it step by step last night. Here is the story from a smart person.

colbert fast and furious

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