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Crazy racist Roseanne Barr says she “Thought the bitch was white!”

Gosh, whats’s the old word when I was back in school?  AIRHEAD.  So if Roseanne Barr thought Valerie Jarett was white, then why did she use the APE trope that is used by Ted Nugent, alt right and every racist is what am?   I KNOW I KNOW MR KOTTER ME ME ME!

Because APE is not a racist trope because Bill Maher said Trump was an orangutan and some called George W  a Chimp. And that silly crap works on people who are full up to their colic’s in silly crap.  Just like Trump is winning the public opinion thing on Mueller and Russia. It works on silly people in the silly party.

WATCH: Manic Roseanne Barr Screams ‘I Thought the B*tch Was White’ in Video ‘Explanation’ of Valerie Jarett Tweet