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Daily Show Al Madrigal, What ever happened to MSNBC farmer Dylan Ratigan?

dylan ratigan farmerWhat a NUTJOB. I always knew it too!  Dylan Ratigan would always do stories that were way too conclicapated even for me. Half the time who knew what the Hell he was talking about.

Doing good things? No no no…. What a boob, the thing is to whine about bad things, not DO good things.  Hiring veterans to help create a farming paradigm for indoor hydroponics? Next thing you know someone will be suggesting that we give health care to everyone! OMG!

This brings up my issue with  Martin and the Reformation. We all think it was all about dumping THE CHURCH to deal with the Lord on our own without need for unmarried middlemen in dresses. But it was even more about the really really horrible theology that deeds do not matter AT ALL. Only belief and obedience gets one to the Lord.

There is a rather fast movement afoot with the young rejecting “religion”. From less than 5% admitting to atheism a decade ago to now almost 20%.  Sure the kids today have much more information than before. Also the intolerance, bigotry and ignorance inherent in our American brand of Bible Belt Christianity is not something they want to be associated with. But when when spending some time on the theology it becomes an even bigger bugaboo. Women corrupt men, kill your son to prove you obedience, live in fish…  What you DO does not matter, only the intensity of belief matters. Hello? What crap…

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